How to fix a Cash App payment failed error?

When we talk about making safe and secure transactions, the first name that comes to mind is Cash App. One of the most sought-after money transfer platforms, Cash App allows senders and receivers to transfer payments with ease. Known for its security measures, Cash App monitors all the transactions but there are some issues that you might confront like Cash App payment failed errors. Since there are millions of users on Cash App, failed transfer is one of the common problems that people come across.

Why is my Cash App payment failing?

Cash App payment failing

If you are having troubles while processing a transaction, you first need to find out the reasons that lead to this problem. Before jumping to any conclusion, you must know the answer to the question – why is my Cash App payment failing:

  • Check your account balance

Before assuming that your Cash App transfer has collapsed or your application has crashed, you must check your Cash App balance on the top of the screen. Cash App payment failed error occurs when you have an insufficient balance. You need to confirm whether there is any deduction from your Cash App account or bank account. Do not forget to see the transaction status – Pending or Failed.

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  • Your Cash App needs an update

The major reason behind Cash App transfer failure is that your app is outdated. If you face frequent issues with Cash App direct deposits, then you must consider updating your app. Try the latest version and see if you continue to face any Cash App payment failed problems.

  • Verify payment credentials

If Cash App failed to process your transaction, another possible reason could be wrong card details of the recipient. You must have noticed that the Cash App transfer page turns red, when you enter incorrect card information. In order to avoid such situations, you must check the card details beforehand or contact the cardholder to confirm the credentials.

Ways to fix Cash App transfer failed error:

  1. Cash App card declined
  2. Cancel payment
  3. Check your Wi-Fi connection
  4. Charge dispute

Troubleshooting methods in detail:

  • Cash App card declined

There are instances when your card is declined and the following error messages appear on the screen:

  1. “Declined. Card has expired. Please use a different card.”
  2. “Declined. Please use another card.”
  3. “Declined. Please have a cardholder call the issuer before retrying the transaction.”
  4. “Declined. Please verify the card number, expiration date, CVV and ZIP code.”

If you see these pop-up messages every now and then, check if your card is valid or not. When you are unable to deal with this Cash App payment failure on your own, it is a wise decision to contact your card issuing bank.

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Generally, a card gets declined when the details are manually entered. You need to ensure that you have entered correct card information. Also, talk to your card issuing bank regarding the update of zip code and billing address, if the cardholder has moved to a new location. Declined cards lead to pending charges displayed on a customer’s bank statement. The company sends a void notification to alert the customer, but the bank might take a couple of business days to remove the charges and solve the Cash App payment failed issue.

  • Cancel payment

Sometimes when you make a transaction, it is reflected in your bank account but not in your Cash App account. In such cases, you have an opportunity to cancel the transaction immediately and get rid of frozen payment/Cash App payment failed issues. Make sure that you do the needful within 24 hours of deduction from your bank account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to view the cancellation option once the payment is finished.

Follow the directions given below to cancel payment if Cash App transfer fails.


  1. Launch the Cash App on your mobile (iPhone or Android).
  2. On the home page, you will see a Clock icon (Transaction History) located at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Clock icon to view all your transactions.
  4. Locate the particular transaction where you faced a Cash App payment failed error.
  5. Visit the account payment details of the recipient for which you wish to cancel the payment.
  6. Click the ‘Cancel Payment’ tab.

If the transaction is still in the process, you will see the ‘Cancel Payment’ option. But if the payment has been made successfully, you won’t be able to locate the cancelation option.

  • Check your Wi-Fi connection

Developed by Square Inc., Cash App requires a strong internet connection. So, you have to ensure that there is a stable internet network before you attempt to make any payment. Cash App payment failed error also takes place if the connection is not strong enough. It is always recommended to use Wi-Fi connection over cellular service (such as 3G, 4G or EDGE) for a faster processing experience.

In case of poor connectivity, you have an alternative solution of enabling Offline Mode to allow swiped card payments. But remember there is an additional risk involved while operating offline mode.

  • Raise a dispute if needed

As an active user of Cash App, you have the right to raise a dispute against any unauthorized deductions made by the app. You have the option to bring the disputed issue in front of the Cash App or the bank because the Cash App is linked to your bank account. You can contact the representatives over phone or mail them and settle the Cash App payment failed issue with the concerned officials.

The problem of payment failure is likely to be resolved with the help of the tips given above. However, if the issue still persists, you can reach out to a Cash App representative for assistance, or the bank that has issued your Cash App card.


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